Founded in the year 2000, The CLM Limos continues to be the destination for fine food and groceries. A company that represents creativity and imagination, using fresh and exciting foods for life’s special events. CLM Limos has grown up with loyal clients that rely on our sense of style and our impeccable service. While sharing in their lives’ events for two decades, they have become part of our family. This is a tradition that we hope to continue for many years.


What’s important to us is that our customers are able to buy really fresh, good quality food locally, and we pride ourselves on having the very highest quality and widest choice of fresh food and fine groceries available.


To ensure that each customers receives prompt, professional, friendly and courteous service. To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide at a fair price – nutritional, well-prepared meals – using only quality ingredients. To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them. By maintaining these objectives we shall be assured of a fair profit that will allow us to contribute to the community we serve.